eCourse is a customizable website template specifically designed for educators and content creators to self-host their online courses.

This innovative platform enables users to create and manage their own online courses, offering full control over content, presentation, and learner engagement.

Experience eCourse firsthand with the live demo. Use the credentials – Username: admin, Password: ecourseadmin for a comprehensive test drive of the platform.

Author’s Interactive Session
Engage with the creator on Reddit for insights and Q&A. The author is actively participating in community discussions, providing a unique opportunity to delve into the development process and future plans.

Technology Stack
eCourse is built on the following tech stack:

What is PocketBase?

PocketBase is an open-source backend solution that integrates an embedded database (SQLite) with real-time subscriptions, built-in authentication management, a convenient dashboard UI, and a simple REST-ish API.

More about PocketHost:

  • PocketHost: Offers a robust Free Plan with 2 projects, 50 MB of storage, and 1 GB of transfer per month, ideal for those just starting. The Pro Plan, at $20/month, provides unlimited instances, storage, and transfer, along with dedicated support, suitable for more advanced needs.
  • A versatile platform offering free hosting options, suitable for both frontend and backend deployment.

Note: For personalized assistance in launching your eCourse, the creator is available for hire as a frontend developer, also skilled in backend development.

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