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Chrome Extension that monitors ETH price and allows push notifications for price tracking

GBTI Labs is happy to introduce ETH Monitor, a Chrome Extension designed to keep you updated on Ethereum prices directly from your browser while also allowing push notifications on certain price events. What is ETH Monitor? ETH Monitor is a simple, yet powerful Chrome extension that displays the current Ethereum (ETH) price on your extension’s

How to use WP-CLI Staging to import a remote database

Header image for WP-CLI Staging feating the title of the asset and Penguin wearing armor and holding a spear.

Like a lot of other developers working with WordPress, I like to build locally when creating new plugins, themes, or anything else for clients and side projects. I also am a fan UI management tools that help manage my workflows like SourceTree which It helps me manage my git repos: And Local WP, for quickly

Using Python to animate the hue of an image

Have you ever wanted to animate the hue of an image? We did recently but we didn’t quite know how so we developed an application using python to help us do just that. Before we get started, though, let’s take a moment to learn what exactly is hue? Hue, in the context of color theory,

How to generate a markdown overview of your application for ChatGPT

This image shows how a snapshot is generated from the python script and shared with ChatGPT to assist with coding.

Snapshots for AI is a devops tool written in Python designed to quickly generate a machine-readable overview of your project so you can more efficiently pass code-related updates over to your favorite LLM. This asset was developed for a client who wanted to be able to make changes to their code base across multiple files inside their IDE and then

Introducing eCourse – An open source self-hosted LMS application

person sitting in front of computer studying

eCourse is a customizable website template specifically designed for educators and content creators to self-host their online courses. This innovative platform enables users to create and manage their own online courses, offering full control over content, presentation, and learner engagement. Experience eCourse firsthand with the live demo. Use the credentials – Username: admin, Password: ecourseadmin