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The Collapse of SkyNet: What Happened?

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The Skynet project, associated with Siacoin, is not to be confused with the fictional Skynet from the “Terminator” movie franchise. Instead, it represents a real-world technological endeavor focused on decentralized storage and application hosting. Founding and Development Skynet’s Features and Functionality Closure of Skynet Labs Conclusion Skynet, under the umbrella of the Sia project, represented

Lume Web submits their 2023 year in review and makes their case for additional funding for 2024.

Derrick Hammer, aka @pcfreak30, announces significant advancements in the flagship project, Lume Web, to mark a new era in decentralized web access and data sovereignty. By overcoming challenges faced by the collapse of Skynet, Lume Web has redefined their approach, focusing on creating a user-owned, open web environment. This initiative aligns perfectly with the Sia