Lume Web submits its 2023 year in review to the Sia Foundation’s grant department and makes its case for additional funding for 2024.

Derrick Hammer, aka @pcfreak30, announces significant advancements in the flagship project, Lume Web, to mark a new era in decentralized web access and data sovereignty.

By overcoming challenges faced by the collapse of Skynet, Lume Web has redefined their approach, focusing on creating a user-owned, open web environment. This initiative aligns perfectly with the Sia Foundation’s mission to promote user-owned data.

Key Achievements and Innovations:

  • Robust Technology Integration: Lume Web successfully integrated support for Handshake, Ethereum and IPFS networks into its routing technology. This crucial step towards interoperability has led to the creation of a functional Lume prototype.
  • Lume Portal Development: The introduction of the Lume Portal, a Layer 2 solution, bridges gaps in Sia’s ecosystem post-Skynet. This backend server, crucial for app delivery, reflects the project’s commitment to decentralized access and data handling.
  • User-Focused Products: Despite challenges with its Firefox extension, Lume Web leveraged the feedback to innovate further. The development of a web3 browser app and an NFT gallery app showcases Lume’s versatility in integrating Sia’s renterd technology.
  • Community Engagement: The upcoming community platform,, will serve as a hub for industry-wide collaboration, emphasizing the project’s community-first approach.

Looking Ahead: 2024 Objectives

  • Superportal Software Development: Lume Web aims to enhance its portal software to support multiple web3 protocols, starting with S5 and IPFS.
  • User Interface Enhancement: The project will focus on developing a user-friendly dashboard and a dedicated marketing site.
  • Kernel System and Relay Server Upgrades: Upcoming upgrades to these systems will improve efficiency and functionality.
  • Expanding Community Services: The ongoing development of and the introduction of a robust community hosting service are key goals for the coming year.

Impact on Stakeholders:

  • Sia Community: Lume Web’s advancements offer the Sia community a versatile L2 portal software, aiding in data hosting and network growth.
  • Data Hosters and DApps/Web Apps: The project provides decentralized storage solutions and supports web app hosting on the Sia network, championing censorship resistance and data democratization.

Funding and Development Outlook:

  • Lume Web has proposed a total budget of $91,000, with detailed allocations for development, marketing, and infrastructure enhancements. The project commits to open-source development, ensuring transparency and community involvement.

Risks and Mitigation Strategies:

  • The Lume Web team has identified potential risks, including technical challenges with the S5 development and third-party integrations. They remain committed to addressing these challenges proactively.

Commitment to Progress:

  • With monthly progress reports, the team at Hammer Technologies LLC pledges to maintain transparency and adaptability, ensuring Lume Web continues to be at the forefront of decentralized web technology.

For more information about Lime, visit the Lume Web Git Service, the Lume Docs website, the Lume Twitter, and the Lume Discord.